Top Signs That You Need A New Website

Top Signs That You Need A New Website

Is your website working for you like it should be? If yes, then that’s great news, although you may still choose to check out some tips below.  If the answer is no, then you’ll probably want to continue reading in order to see the top signs that you need a new website!

•    Your site doesn’t show the optimum view on mobile phones and devices.  Development ‘speak’ says your site is not fully responsive for all viewers/systems. This happens when the site isn’t set up to automatically detect the screen size of the visitor/user and therefore it is not auto-adjusting for optimal viewing. Often times when people encounter this they simply move on to another site, which is certainly the last thing you want to have happen!

•    The forms are not functioning correctly.  Woah, that could be a sales lead loser!  This means that an area/page of the site where people enter their information, either when they’re subscribing or buying, isn’t working properly. Whether your pages are not working with all browsers, users are not able to successfully complete an action, or you’re not receiving their submissions, this is obviously a major problem that requires immediate attention.

•    Your site is too large and/or unorganized. This could be due to a few different things including too many pages and “sloppy” or improper URL structuring. The goal is to keep things smart yet simple, as you want the search engines to recognize your pages but not be confused by them. So you may want to review these aspects, especially if your site was created more than a couple years ago.

•    Your content is outdated. Not keeping things ‘current’ is a common mistake that many companies make with their websites. Nobody wants information that is no longer relevant or sometimes even inaccurate. In addition, the design of the site should be up-to-date, not just in appearance but it should have the latest functions and features as well. Maybe consider adding a blog or social media links, etc. if you haven’t done so already.

•    WE didn’t design it! 😉

Hope this provided a little bit of insight into what might be wrong with your website! And if you would like further information or advanced assistance, please feel free to contact us via email or phone call and we’ll be more than happy to help