5 Top SEO Tips for 2015

5 Top SEO Tips for 2015

When it comes to getting your business noticed on the Internet nowadays, search engine optimization is still considered a very important piece of the cyber puzzle; therefore, you should certainly take a look at the following 5 SEO tips for 2015!

•    For starters, you of course want to make sure that you are using the most relevant AND effective keywords for your particular purpose/business. This requires some research in order to determine which words and/or phrases will likely deliver the best results for you. Try not to use the same keywords that everyone else in your niche is probably using and never overstuff your pages with keywords!

•    Start using Hummingbird-friendly keywords, as Google recently made changes in the way they match up keywords and searches. This is an attempt to weed out low-value or over-optimized pages, and it basically means that you need to be cleverer with your keywords. Try to pinpoint your target audience more precisely by using more unique phrases that you think potential customers might use in their searches.

•    Be sure to implement analytics and check-in periodically to see what kind of results your current keywords are receiving. You can get detailed reports from your service provider or from Google, which is totally FREE. Then, depending upon the results, you can decide to try new ones and test out something else OR let em’ ride. What’s the point in utilizing an SEO strategy if you’re not getting results?

•    Fine-tune your website’s URLs by making sure they’re structured properly, as well organized sites typically tend to get better rankings. Try to use ‘static’ URLS vs. ‘Dynamic’, as the latter tend to have lower click through rates related to search engine results. This is due to the fact that cyber ‘searchers’ can sometimes have a difficult time determining what the page is actually about.

•    Keep up on the latest trends by reading top ranked SEO blogs for tips and advice regarding the best practices. You could also even follow companies and/or people on social media who specialize in search engine optimization and offer helpful information. In addition, consider signing up to receive their newsletters, which can contain handy info. Remember Search engines are always evolving and therefore your content and strategy has to keep up with them.

Hopefully these SEO tips for 2015 are helpful, but please keep in mind that they’re just a few of the ways to potentially expand your online exposure and enhance your rankings, so please stay tuned for additional info on the topic!