We Are Here To Make You Look Awesome

So, how do we do that? By understanding your challenges, and uncovering the essence of your brand now (and what you dream about it becoming), we can get to your goals and "fish out the REEL" result creators… allowing you to tap into our creative minds to transform your vision into RESULTS.

It doesn’t hurt that we’re based in World Brand Breeding. Uber-creative. Stay Up all Night Thinking.
Microbrew-Swilling Seattle.


A Bit About Us

The mind-child of two passionate entrepreneurs and their crew, who believe Experiential Creative, Innovative Web Design, Kick-Ass Marketing and Customer-Inspiring Development should deliver results (not just look good), Swift Whale Creative has become Seattle’s one-stop source for
Because in a world where there’s a sea of competition;
your brand image is an intangible asset that
differentiates you… EMBRACE IT

Whether we’re working on your full website design, development and marketing project or a simple menu redesign, we provide personal, attentive service. We have a strong belief in taking a hands on approach with each project and guiding our customers through the maze of details required to create a beautiful, functional design. Our number one goal is to grow a long term relationship and keep our customers returning to Swift Whale Creative.


Beers Drunk




Successful Projects


Bad Jokes Told

The Captains

Meet Daniel Sullivan

Beer drinking, bourbon swilling, design-iac, AKA Co-Founder, and Creative Director, loves nothing better than throwing his thoughts up on the chalkboard while tackling our latest challenges in a ‘brainstorm off’ with our fiercest, braniac boundary pushers—our developers.

Sydney born and bred, this guy designed print for 12 years while running the printing press. This included many a night inside the press fixing the machine, all the while maintaining his cricket game on the factory floor amid the occasional fire hose water fight.

Meet Anne “the Brains” Weeks

Seattle native who’s traveled the globe, with room-commanding class—this Co-Founding Studio Director develops dramatically memorable, high-impact customer experiences your people want to see…

While most were still focusing on “function, beauty and usability’ Anne was crafting tangible eye-catching product, and super-hero lead generating ideas that left some of the world’s largest brands in awe for more than a decade. Streamlined, stunning and sensory creating experiences you have to see to believe.

Our Prized Collaboration Process
(It’s not what you think…)

Swift Whale Creative isn’t your average agency.

You see, we are notorious for interrupting anytime we see a potential roadblock, or a better way to do things…

We’d love to hear your ideas and help you transform your vision into reality—in a saleable way. Just know we’re going to lovingly interrupt, and set you back onto the right pathway when we know there’s a better way for you to get results.

So before you hire us, ask yourself…

The question is, do I want to add value to my company’s bottom line?

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