Getting to know Swift Whale Creative

Getting to know Swift Whale Creative

Recently a local Seattle organization interviewed Swift Whale Creative asking some fun questions about us.  So, I’m sharing with all of you!

What do you love about your job?

Seeing and hearing the excitement from our customers when they see their first designs.  I love it!  I want to exceed their expectations every time, encapsulate their vision onto the digital or physical page.  I also really enjoy grabbing a pint downstairs from my office at the local Aussie pub.  Hard to beat our Ballard location!

What or who inspired you to start your own business?

My Dad, my wife and my son.  My dream was always to be a designer, I’d been sketching since I was little and had books and books filled with my drawings.
My Dad was an artist for Faber-Castell and on the side he would design and build elaborate stage sets for the Sydney theatre.  Art was always a big part of my world.  An amazing opportunity came along for me to work for a highly respected design and development studio, it was the dream job although admittedly I was the grunt worker of the group!  The plan was to dedicate all my time to learning and working for them, I loved it.

Six years ago the bombshell dropped that Dad had stage 4 cancer.  He’d been looking after our son while my wife and I worked.  My wife and I decided our best decision would be for me to stay at home with our son and out of pure necessity I started doing freelance design and web development on the side.  Dad luckily beat the monster and had his five year “all clear” last year. I would say my Dad’s inspired me all of my life but the leap to own and run my own business was not the first path I set out on.

Describe your most memorable project.

Each and every project is memorable.  Our primary mission at Swift Whale Creative is to know and understand each and every one of our clients on a personal as well as business level.  So, that makes each project memorable.

What I would say was the most memorable from a learning and growing standpoint for our company was a design and web development project we did for one of Paul Allen’s projects; Artificial Intelligence Institute.  The project involved creation of complex algorithms and super intensive custom, perfect coding but the real challenge was to meet the exceptionally high expectations under crazy tight timelines.  No question that project elevated our skill set and the way we manage project communication.

What’s the rest of the team like?

Brilliant.   Seriously.   I couldn’t run such a successful studio without their intensity, passion and relentless insistence on always striving for perfection.   Our senior back end developer, John, is an insane genius and can perfectly custom code anything thrown his way.   Diane writes the most amazing hypnotic copy and Anne keeps us all in line focusing on the overall vision of what Swift Whale Creative is now, and will become.   The design & marketing team is tight, goofy at times and not afraid to stray down new paths.