How Event Marketing can Build Your Business

How Event Marketing can Build Your Business

How Event Marketing can Build Your Business

There are a number of elements that keep good businesses in business: good people, good profits, and good clientele. To maintain momentum (especially in a buyer’s market) you’ll sometimes find it necessary to up your game, but what options do you have when you feel you’ve done just about everything already? Event marketing may be the answer. Let’s take a look at what it can do for your business.

In general, there are five ways event marketing builds your identity; it increases brand awareness, brand recognition, brand power, brand loyalty, and most importantly, it promotes brand engagement.

Party on, Garth. Party on, Wayne.

Parties, community events, charities, exhibitions; it’s all about public engagement. You want people to talk about you, your brand, and what you have to offer them as consumers – you want them to buy into your business, and act as an advocate of your brand to friends and family. Online or offline, what constitutes a successful marketing event isn’t what the event is per se, but what it accomplishes.

Who to invite, what you are planning, when it will take place, where it will take place (offline or online) and why it should take place; these are all important considerations. But while it’s relatively easy to bust out your 5 W’s (thanks, fifth grade) you need to be willing to invest the time, effort, and capital required to turn that who, what, why, when and where into a solid return strategy. Where it gets tricky is remembering that event marketing is more successful after the fact than in the moment – why? Because the goal isn’t strictly to sell your product or service, it’s to sell your overall brand identity.

Remember: Engage, explain, and entertain.

What you want from your marketing strategy is to generate ongoing leads, and to do this you need more than a single, easily forgotten event, you need alert and active participation. You want your invitees to follow your business on social media, you want them to sign up for discounts or freebies during your event, to provide an email address in return for taking part in a contest, to download your free mobile app. Whatever your goals, the idea is to create a long-lasting relationship after the fun, games, and free food comes to an end – and that’s where social media becomes your best friend. If your event is popular, your business is trending, and if your business is trending, you stand out against your competition. You may have similar branding, services, or products, but you have created a way to make what you offer seem better, and more accessible – and this is the beauty of how event marketing builds your business long-term.

In the end, it isn’t what you sell, it’s how you sell, and your brand development hinges on your ability to create the kind of public engagement that places what you have or what you do in the spotlight.