Successfully Build Your Brand Online

Successfully Build Your Brand Online

Image is everything, and building your business online means that you must stand out in a cutthroat environment consisting of a few friends and tons of competition. The best websites online all have one thing in common – brand.

Brand is how mom and pop shops become million dollar franchises and online, it’s how everyday websites achieve success and stay successful. But what exactly is this little word with so much power both online and off, and how can you use it to put your web business on top?

A company’s brand consists of more than logos, avatars, products, services, and slogans. It also includes the mental picture that is painted on the mind of consumers when they interface with the logos, products, services, and slogans.

Brand is mental and reaches into the preconceptions a consumer has with regard to your products and services. Online, brand builds and destroys trust in explosive ways that are rarely realized in the “real” world. Disgruntled customers voice their opinions to hundreds, if not thousands, of other clients who may not have established an opinion on a brand. In the virtual world, brands are destroyed at the click of a mouse and that’s why it’s paramount to build a solid brand using a combination of methods that will weather the online storms.

Below we present the top five methods for building a brand online. By leveraging the power of each, you can  create a brand that leads to online success.

Add testimonials to your website

Testimonials give solid proof that your product does what it says and that your online company can be trusted. That’s why testimonials should be collected and posted at every available opportunity. Surveys, phone calls, and simple emails (or a donut bribe works too) are easy ways to get a current customer’s point of view regarding your products and services.


Blogging allows a company to create a following, communicate with visitors, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. By consistently updating your blog with new posts with authentic content, you not only increase your website’s readership but you also provide visitors and search engines alike a good reason to return to your website regularly.

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social websites have changed the fates of several online brands. These social media avenues prove that there’s power in numbers as companies attract and communicate with massive amounts of followers simultaneously. Using social websites to “get the word out” about your products, services, and company information can help you meet your online goals and easily diffuse any online fires you may encounter.

Social Networking Tools

Once a community of listeners has been established, the next way to build brand is by investing resources into creating a buzz about your brand through word of mouth advertising. Diggs, Stumbles, Tweets, and being are just a few ways your network can show support of your brand.


When creating your brand, it’s important to take advantage of the fact that most people are visual communicators and learners. Online videos make companies tangible in a virtual world and are an easy way to both capture the attention of your target audience and start a conversation that ends by establishing a mental stamp with a permanent imprint of your brand.

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