You Might Need a Branding/Social Media Specialist for Digital Marketing If…

You Might Need a Branding/Social Media Specialist for Digital Marketing If…

You’ve created a beautiful website, check. You’ve compounded that with your beautiful product, double check. You’ve combined that with your kick ass social media generated traffic, triple ch…wait no, not triple check. If this is you not triple checking, it’s time to add a social media specialist to your digital marketing team. If you’re not sure if you should triple check, you fall within the same parameters.


Before you read any further, step away from your Facebook page, and take your finger away from the “boost post” trigger. It’s like that extra box of girl scout cookies sitting on the table surrounded by cute little girls with big huge eyes saying, “pleeeeaaasssseee.” When you’re already five boxes deep, just say no.


Who You Gonna Call?

It’s easy to think, “I have a(n) [enter social media platform] page, so I definitely know how to advertise on it or use it as a business.” Apply that logic to your smartphone. Do you know how to build an app on said phone or do anything besides use emojis, call people, check your email, and browse the web?

Similar to your smartphone usage, you’re probably not utilizing your social networks to the fullest potential or reaching people outside of your direct social circle. Have no fear, we may not be Ghostbusters, but we are branding slayers.


A-B-C. It’s Easy As 1-2-3.

To be on par with a specialist, you’ll have to understand what the heck he/she does. Creating beautiful content is one piece, but driving traffic to your website with the intent to buy is just as important. So ask yourself, does your specialist understand the importance of Google Analytics to your end game? If the answer is no, swipe left. If the answer is yes, swipe right. It’s just that simple. Keep swiping left, until you’ve found that special someone to swipe right on. And just like when you’re in love, make that digital specialist a valued member of your team.


Traffic Jam, When You’re Already Late.

The fastest way to get to your office is one straight road. There’s no car traffic, stop lights, and no speed limit (imagine that?). Alternately, you can go through gridlock, stop lights on every corner, and a 25 mph speed zone. Not only might your mood be different upon arrival to your office, but you may feel like saying forget it, and not going in at all. No, this is not the dreaded word problem from high school. This is how your customers function within the social media funnel and web traffic. If you’re trying to navigate users to your page from Pinterest, but your users are mostly congregated on Facebook, you’re either missing out on an entire population or making your current and potential customers navigate a horrendous route to your product. Hiring someone who understands this is crucial to gaining sales. Happy Commute. Happy Customer.


Who’s Bad?

Your social media pages might actually be making you look bad, and not in a Michael Jackson, “you know I’m bad” badass way, but more so in the I just stubbed my toe kind of bad. Sometimes in business, we skim past the important things like curating photography, typography, and videography that matches the branding of the website and product design. If you’re investing in the time to focus on digital marketing, but skipping over this piece, adding a member to your team who keeps your pages up-to-date with all of the elements people love about your product and brand will not only increase engagement, but it will also increase brand impressions, traffic to your page, and all things being equal, your sales. Social media after all is a communication tool, and your social networks may be communicating the opposite of what your product is saying.

Managing your branding outside of your website is no easy task. Education is the first step, so bravo. You know your brand, but a digital brand strategist knows how to bring your brand into the digital marketing world. If you are still feeling puzzled, inspired, or want more information, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. We’re ready when you are.