Red Cedar & Sage

Red Cedar & Sage

Brian and his team came to Swift Whale Creative on a mission.  A mission to develop the brand  identity for a top notch Pike Place Market restaurant, which became Red Cedar & Sage.

We were pumped to say the least; developing a brand identity from scratch is no easy task but definitely one of our favorites.

The Swift Whale team spent numerous hours with Brian to understand his brand vision, the type of food they planned to serve, the location and the setting of the restaurant.

From there we were ready to kick off the development process with a ‘brainstorm off’ among the Swift Whale crew.  A restaurant name that conveyed contemporary northwest cuisine.  A name you would expect to see in the Pike Place Market.   After hundreds of internal name ideas were thrown at the wall, we narrowed down the list to twenty, with five favorites.  Brian’s team made quick decisions and were off and running.  Logo design creation, menu design, advertising, and website design & development needed to be finished and launched within a few weeks.

It was a wild ride but we were ecstatic to see it all come together at the Red, Cedar & Sage launch party earlier this year.  Cheers!